1 08 2010

Living in NYC is a double-edged sword.

On one side of the blade there is all the wonderful-ness that NYC has to offer. The abundance of bodegas that offer raspberry sparkling water and Mango Hi-Chews, great people watching, excitement,”The Meatball Shop” restaurant, cheap mani/pedis, my hamster, Gurrrrrrrrl, etc, etc. On the other end of the spectrum there is all the shittiness that is intrinsically NYC. I am not even going to mention the ridiculously expensive rent, the shitty PR girls, the lack of Target’s and the general filthiness.

This post is instead inspired by two rather topical issues that have arisen today.

First off, I am trying to read my damn ass book (“The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, I’ll let you know how it turns out) whilst enjoying a lovely breeze from my window which is ajar. Well, no one informed that it’s SHITTY reggaeton music night at the ‘jects across the street from me (which happen to be more luxurious than the Anne Frank floorboard that I live in…). Anyways, this shitty Pitbull junk is blasting, with no end in sight. I really don’t know where this spectacularly loud sound system is planted and how no one has called the police to report a noise disturbance, as I am positive at least one irritable yuppy who is trying to face to face chat on his iPhone 4G must live on this block.

SECONDLY, there are too many damn Krustiez. Krustiez are a type of subterranean filth mongrels who inhabit every inch of the East Village, especially Tompkins Square Park, which is where they reproduce like amoeba and roll around in dirt, etc. The Krustiez are hobos by choice and are stinky and not cute and chic and endearing like some street urchins. They hold up signs that say “Spare some $ so I can get wasted,” and other shitty things like that. I mean, I waited in line behind a KG (Krusty Girl) at H&M once and spent the entire time trying to avoid being swished in the face by her unruly dreadlocks. Today on my way to work, I stumbled upon a tribe of Krustiez who were snoozing on discarded mattresses (which has presumably tossed to the curb due to bed bugs, ewww) and grooming themselves. And I swear the few who were grooming each other were eating the parasites that they plucked from their dreds.

EWWW. File this post under “things that should be illegal”.




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