18 07 2010

Where does time go?

I went to work today and realized on the way there that

a. I was wearing inappropriate footwear. inappropriate in the sense that the shoes I was wearing have caused not 1 but 2 major foot injuries (one I am suffering dearly for right now) and that they have begun to abuse and torture and rip my feet to shreds. I continue wearing them because they are an ideal shoe, in essence. They are cork platforms with a metallic gold knotted strap (very “I Love Lucy”).  So they give me like an extra 3 inches of height (therefore seemingly reducing my weight by 5 lbs, this is a proven fact) and compliment many an outfit. But these shoes have turned on me.

b.I realized that I feel under the weather. This could be from sleeping with air conditioning blasting in my face or just from my overall mental/emotional BLAHness that has now seeped into my immune system.

So I get to work today at 11 and from the hours of 11-7 I sat in the same chair and did nothing. Nooooooothing. I didn’t even spend my time proactively by looking for new shoes online. I really sat there and practiced NOTHINGNESS. I could draw some huge spiritual statement from this or make some sort of life resolution to not wallow in misery and yuck-ness and instead be creative, but ehh, I don’t feel well.

Also, I am the proud owner of a pint of Ben and Jerry’s peach cobbler ice cream. I am straying from my usual chocolate selections. I rate it a 6 out of 10 because I feel it should have more pieces of the promised short bread and also, some sort of cinnamon swirl should have been involved.




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